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Life Insurance Settlement Market - Life Markets: Trading Mortality and Longevity Risk with Life Settlements

We have found and read through one of the best books available on the Life Insurance cash settlement market. A great read for life brokers and policyholders looking to engage in the market of selling life insurance policies for cash settlement.

Life Settlement Guide

As the Baby Boomer population continues to age and the need for the securitization of life insurance policies increases, more financial institutions are looking towards longevity and mortality risk trading as a solution. There is a pressing need for innovative financial products and strategies that have the ability to hedge longevity exposure for pension funds, reinsurance companies, and governments. To fill this growing demand in the financial marketplace, products and strategies are being developed with the use of life settlements and linked securities.

Written for professional traders and institutional investors, Life Markets offers a comprehensive guide to the growing field of life settlements and linked securities. Life settlements offer innovative financial interactions for elderly individuals who sell their insurance policies to investors for a percentage of the coverage amount—which is greater than the cash surrender value offered by the insurance company that wrote the policy. Given today's volatile stock market, investors are finding life settlements and other related securities to be a safe haven that guarantees them solid returns and a stable financial future.

With Life Markets, internationally acclaimed expert Vishaal Bhuyan and a team of coauthors from leading financial institutions, hedge funds, actuarial firms, law firms, and universities provide a complete analysis of the life settlement market and show you how to trade with confidence in this burgeoning market. Comprehensive in scope, Life Markets covers a wealth of material touching on everything from the history of life settlements to making a transaction—pricing, service providers, and exchanges. The book also explores regulatory issues and insurance company reaction, tax implications, and examines the ethical issues surrounding profiting from mortality.

Life Markets is the just-in-time resource that examines the myriad of issues surrounding longevity finance for anyone considering entering this dynamic market. From the Back Cover

Praise for Life Markets

"This is certainly not a coffee table book, but an extremely comprehensive and in-depth study of the problems associated with longevity and an aging population and how individuals and financial institutions can benefit from trading in life settlements and linked securities." —Dr. Marc Faber, Editor, Gloom, Boom & Doom Report

" The team's insights are keen and their approach crisp; this is useful information for professionals in the field." —Steve Acunto, Editor, Insurance Advocate magazine

"Vishaal Bhuyan has assembled leading practitioners and academics in the longevity/mortality space to analyze in depth the intricacies of investing in life settlements. In a rapidly changing marketplace that still remains transparency-challenged, Vishaal and his coauthors provide an indispensable tool to both the novice and the experienced investor thus shifting the risk/reward balance of life settlements investing." —Robin Willi, Head of Life Settlements, BlueCrest Capital Management

Coauthors include Micah Bloomfield, Boris Ziser, and Joseph Selvidio of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan; David Blake and Debbie Harrison of the Pensions Institute; James Cavoli of Life Settlement Insights; Mike Fasano of Fasano Associates; Congressman George Keiser; Joseph Mason of the Wharton School; Emannuel Modu of A.M. Best; Antony Mott of ICAP Capital Markets; Nemo Perera of Risk Capital Partners; Hal Singer of Criterion Economics; Charles A. Stone and Anne Zissu of; and Matthew Browndorf and Jonathan Sadowsky of Browndorf PEM

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Viatical Insurance Settlements - Viatical Transactions

The viatical settlement and life insurance selling market continues to grow. More transactions are being done to provide terminally ill people and others the opportunity to sell an insurance policy and engage in a Viatical Insurance Transaction

Though contraversial to some, this insurance settlement option makes sense for people who are normally within 2 years of expecting to pass away. The Insurance cash settlement from Viatical policies can provide great relief for themselves and their family. A policy is an asset, and rather than continue to pay the insurance premium during times of stress and illness, it is sometimes best sold for cash to meet the needs of the insured and their loved ones.

Engaging in a viatical life settlement takes away the pressure of meeting costly insurance premiums and allows the insured to use the cash to meet hospital and doctor bills, pay their mortgage or just to keep the lights on. When people are terminally ill, their is rarely much income coming into the household as the person is most likely not working anymore. If their is some income (retirement or investments), most of the time that income is worn away or spent on pressing bills.

Viatical candidates should contact a company that specializes in Viatical Settlements. What these companies will do is examine your policy and determine if you are an appropriate candidate to sell your policy and if their is a market for it. The way these transactions are done is the policy is marketed to investors willing to take on the premiums and keep the policy active. The new policy owner pays out the insured a negotiated cash settlement up front. The Viatical Insurance company and broker will retain a fee as well. When the insured dies, the new holder of the policy will receive the death benefit payout. The policy is not changed as far as the death benefit cash payout. It is simply paid to the new person. The person who was the insured (his family) does not receive anything at the time of death. They received the cash at the time of the insurance cash settlement. This concept is the same for seior settlements as well as viatical transactions.

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Life Insurance Settlements

What Is A Life Settlement?

This is a very simple transaction. An investor will purchase a life insurance policy. They will agree to make any future required premium payments too. In return, they will settle with the policy owner for a sum of cash. The amount of money is usually less than the actual death benefit of the policy, but probably far more than the surrender value if the owner just cashed the policy in the insurer. These are also known as viatical settlements or senior life settlements.

Are Life Settlements Legal?

Insurance is usually regulated at the state level, so you have to check with the rules where you live. But life insurance settlements, that comply with the rules, are legal and common.

What Life Insurance Policies Can Be Sold?

That does not mean that everybody can hope to sell any type of policy though. Investors look for certain requirements in order to make a deal.

Most investors want to purchase policies from senior citizens. It may seem sort of grim, but the fact is, they do not want to wait for 50 years to collect on their investment. That is why these transactions are called senior life settlements.
Investors want cash value policies like whole or universal life insurance. They do not want term policies that are likely to expire before they can collect the proceeds. Some term life policies are convertible to whole life, and these may also work.
How Much Money Can The Current Owner Hope To Get?

An investor will make an offer which is based upon many variables. Some variables will be the age and health of the insured person. Another factor will be the face value of the policy. Again, this does sound grim, but investors try to calculate how much they can profit off of the deal, and how quickly they can collect that profit. On the other hand, a policy owner could shop around for the best deal they can get.

Advantages Of Life Settlements

There are some very good reasons why a policy owner would want to sell their policy. Sometimes a company holds life insurance for an ex-employee who has retired or quit. This is a valuable asset, and they can sell it for a profit. Other times the insured person needs the money for their own use now. Selling the policy now will help out their family more than waiting for a future death benefit.

Disadvantages of Life Settlements

The biggest issue with selling the policy is that the beneficiaries will give up their rights to the proceeds from the policy after the insured person dies. It may seem like a bad deal to sell a million dollar policy for a few hundred thousand dollars. That is why it is a good practice to make sure that all parties are in agreement.

Since the investor will be likely to offer some percentage of the face value, they are accepting less money now. If a senior just wants to sell their policy because they cannot afford the premiums, they may find some better options. Some companies are willing to loan money to pay premiums in return for a percentage of the face value. That way the beneficiaries will still inherit some of the money.

Do Life Insurance Companies Like Life Settlements?

In general, insurers are not big fans of these arrangements. They would rather cash the policy in for a lower surrender value than pay out the larger death benefit. Of course, they would also rather that the owner just let the policy lapse so they will not be liable for a death benefit.

There is also the big problem with a concept called insurable interest. When an agent records the beneficiaries of a new policy, they must document the relationship of the beneficiaries. In other words, there must be a reason that the beneficiaries would be harmed by the death and have a right to collect the proceeds. So close relatives, domestic partners, or business associates are common beneficiaries of death benefits.

The other thing insurers consider is the wealth, or income potential, of the person being insured. It might be valid for a senior citizen, with a small income of social security payments, to purchase a small face value burial policy, but it would not be valid for them to purchase a new million dollar policy.

Are You Interested In Senior Life Settlements

You can learn more and find a senior life settlement broker who can help you.

Also learn more about the benefits of life settlements for some policy owners.

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Selling An Endowment Policy Plan

There is a growing market for people looking to sell their endowment life insurance policy for cash. Endowment plans may be eligible like other types of life insurance policies. If the contract is in good standing and the person selling meets basic age requirements, an endowment plan can be used for a transfer to another buyer.

We can provide a professional with a quote on your life insurance. These can apply to Selling Whole Life, Convertible Term or other plans.

Reasons To Transfer or Sell a Plan

There are many reasons why an insured no longer wants their endowment policy. High premuims may be overtaking the benefit they are getting on the whole life or a person just cannot offord them anymore. Having a real market where an investor will pay cash to take over the policy has helped thousands of people. We have helped people sell and transfer their life insurance for cash.

Quality of life is a factor for those looking to transfer a plan and other policies. As people grow older, they may wish to enjoy their later years and some have insurance policies that are worth money to other investors.

Past settlements and case studies can provide opportunities to sell their insurance for $100,000, $300,000 or much more. The higher the face value, the higher the possible settlement.

Sell Policy Quote

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Term Insurance Transfer

Learn how to sell a term life, whole or other type of life insurance for cash. There are quotes that can be given to policy holders who no longer want to keep their term life or other policy in effect.

Selling or transferring a life insurance policy for a cash settlement is a growing market designed to provide a solution for many life policyholders. Viatical or life option transfers are available to people who qualify. There are many reasons why someone may want to sell an insurance policy, get a quote or transfer it for a cash settlement.

Sell Life Policy Quote

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Cash for Insurance Policy

We have a network of Insurance buyers of policies that can potentially buy your life policy for a money settlement.

There is a growing and active market for people looking to sell their life insurance policy for a cash settlement. Some have heard of these markets with terms such as life option settlement or viaticals. This market fills a need for people who no longer need their life insurance policy, no longer can afford it or who just want the cash to increase their quality of life.

Regardless of the reasons, we work with top buyers and companies for people looking at selling a policy or for individuals who are wondering how to sell an insurance issue.

Common Reasons To Sell

The life insurance is too expensive to maintain - This is a very common reason for people who hold whole life insurance, variable life, VUL or other permanent policy that has significant ongoing expenses and premiums.

Policy is no longer needed - Sometimes situations change and you may have enough term insurance perhaps or other type of life protection. If an insurance issue is no longer needed, than looking at selling the policy for a cash settlement can be the right choice.

Failing Health or Terminal Illness - Sometimes a large cash settlement now or viatical life settlement can bring more comfort and rewards to you and your family than waiting for a collection on a policy at death.


The minimum age that is usually needed is 55 years old. This can usually bring in the best cash money offer for people looking to sell a policy. When selling an issue, a buyer is normally looking for 55 years old or higher.

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